What is PWA?

The term Progressive Web App (PWA) was invented by Google back in 2016, and have now become a standard on all platforms. It delivers fast, native-app experiences without the hassle of app stores and downloads.

Hybrid of an app and a website

This means your website can behave like a native mobile app, making it the perfect hybrid with a lot of flexibility.

Instant installation

PWAs allows your website to be installed and run like a native app and works even while offline. Instant install banners are even shown on android devices.


Being web-based it's easily discovered through a simple web search with no friction, unlink the complex flow of guiding users through the app stores.

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future-proof websites in minutes.

Google found that Progressive Web App install banners convert 5-6× more often than native install banners.

Forbes redesigned their mobile experience as a PWA resulting in 43% increase in sessions per user, ad view-ability up 20%, and 100% more engagement.

Lancôme’s PWA features a 17% increase in conversions, a 51% increase in mobile sessions overall and a 53% increase on iOS alone.